Is customer always right essay

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Customer Is Always Right Essay Example

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Essay: The Customer is Always Right

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Offer them specific, relevant literature on a daily basis. The customer is always right. Everything we are taught about customer satisfaction is intended to keep us focused on this one principle, and we need to keep this in mind whenever we deal with the customer.

Everybody’s business revolves around a customer base, whether we are a service company or a manufacturer. The customer does not have to be right all the time. He/she can be wrong as well.

We can always let the customer know when he is wrong; but what if the customer does not like being called wrong.

Customer is very important for even the smallest business. If a customer is unaware of something he will surely be wrong about it when discussing it with you. The customer is always right. The slogan 'The customer always right' is a main mentality with most of the people.

In most cases you find that the sellers or business people rely on the customers to sell their products. Without customers products cannot sell. Therefore i agree that the customer is always right.

Free Essay: Whether you are communicating with a customer service representative in person or over the phone, the term “the customer is always right,” has. Undoubtedly a customer is right all the time except when he or she is genuinely not right. Customers are like blood to a business and the absence of a proper clientele is deleterious to the business making it unable to survive in this competition.

It is this premise that leads to the saying that the customer is. Is the customer always right essay. Evaluation essays websites cnn. Descriptive essay of people Descriptive essay of people crucible vs mccarthyism essays on love the central park five documentary review essays.

Is customer always right essay
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