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Charles R. Drew

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Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3, in Washington D. C. He was born to a middle- class family. His father, Richard Drew was a carpet layer, and his mother Nora Burrell was a grade school teacher.

Drew’s family lived in Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood in D.

Charles Drew Biography

C., after relocating from Pompano [ ]. Charles Drew was born on June 3, in Washington, D.C. He was the eldest of five children born to Thomas, carpet layer, and Nora Burrell Drew, who was a school teacher. In his school years, Charles excelled in athletics and academics alike.

chareles drew essay c+ arly years[edit] Drew was born in into an African-American middle-class family in Washington, D.C. His father, Richard, was a carpet layer[3] and his Drew had managed two of the world’s largest blood banks during World War II.

Charles Babbage

Charles Richard Drew was a very famous and innvative surgeon and educator. He helped to create two of the larges blood banks in the world.

not only did he create two of the largest bood banks, he developed a technique of plasma storage/5(1). Charles Drew Charles Drew was born on June 3, in Washington, D.C., the son of Richard and Nora Drew and eldest of five children. Charles was one of those rare individuals who seemed to excel at everything he did and on every level and would go on to become of pioneer in the field of medicine/5(1).

Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on 12 Februaryat his family's home, The Mount. He was the fifth of six children of wealthy society doctor and financier Robert Darwin and Susannah Darwin (née Wedgwood). He was the grandson of two prominent abolitionists: Erasmus Darwin on his father's side, and Josiah Wedgwood on his mother's side.

Chareles drew essay c
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