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Nation of cowards : essays on the ethics of gun control

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A Nation of Cowards

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A Nation of Cowards by Jeffrey Snyder (audio version) This is the audio recording of an essay published in the Fall of in The Public Interest magazine. The essay is. Holder recently told his Justice Department employees that the United States was a “nation of cowards” for not talking more about race.

“It is an issue we have never been at ease with and, given our nation’s history, this is in some ways understandable,” Holder said. The first, and best essay in the book is "A Nation of Cowards," originally published in The Public Interest in Perhaps the most influential article ever written about gun ownership, Snyder's original public interest essay challenged the notion that reliance on government employees for protection is morally superior to protecting oneself.

Sep 14,  · NATION OF COWARDS. John Chuckman. What else can you fairly call a people who attack a population of refugees confined to a small space surrounded on every side by fences and machine-gun towers, a population with nowhere to run? No, that is not put strongly enough.

This essay is one of our best weapons. Jeff Chan [email protected] "A Nation of Cowards" was published in the Fall, '93 issue of The Public Interest, a quarterly journal of opinion published by National Affairs, Inc. Single copies of The Public Interest are available for $6. Annual subscription rate is $21 ($24 US, for Canadian and foreign.

A Nation of Cowards By USCCA Editor // 05/01/ [ This article is reprinted with permission from Accurate Press.

A nation of cowards essay
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A Nation of Cowards